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Our Platform

Tiptos is the best sports betting platform out there. It offers an excellent betting experience for the customer. 


But Tiptos is also a marketing platform for the sports betting industry. Through the many ways to get in touch with the customer, be it via e-mail, SMS, or push messages, combine positive events with your marketing message. 

We have built in top-notch live cash out feature for trading live bets in real time. Whether it is full or partial cash-out demand, our platform calculates lightning fast for an unparalleled betting experience

We offer a complete betting solution with custom software and certificates GLI-33, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. 

With this expertise and experience, we have built up our new Premium betting Platform. Sports betting software development is what we do best.

Tiptos Premium Betting Platform

A full scale betting system that includes latest security features and consists of not only online betting but a complete landbased betting implementation, 24h customer support and bookmakers and compliance teams cooperation.

Visualise in-play games with real-time live match tracker and enriched statistics. In today’s time games are more dynamic, and so betting behaviour is.

Marketing Features 

Tiptos is the ultimate customer engagement tool for sports betting affiliate sites. Either as a stand-alone website or integrated into the current offer.

That means odds can be branded and backed with affiliate links. Betting slips can be branded and encourage the customer to


Winning bets can be branded, and you can sell winning bets to betting providers as an advertising space with an affiliate link. Refer to a friend option with a transfer of Tiptos Credits.

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The platform offers many possibilities to place marketing offers e.g. in the betting offer , on the betting slip, winnings notifications , message to charge theTiptos credits etc.

Or unlock social media messenger and communicate in a new way with your customer. We offer credit uploading for your customer via any communication channel , whatsapp , FB messenger,Telegram, and more …


"Tiptos is the next level in sports betting marketing and sports content marketing!"

Get direct access to premium content for free. 

Integration via iframe or subdomain with a complete solution, customer registration, marketing automation, and integration of affiliate links. Customization of design and color scheme. Fully responsive. We also offer the possibility of a white-label native app ( ask for a price quote) as a stand-alone solution.

Integrate all features and live content into your website for free as a *"click share" model or for a fixed monthly fee for high-traffic volume websites. Or sell coins to your community and generate an extra income. 


Find the model that fits your business strategy. 

With Tiptos you get instant access to: 

  • Pre-Match and Live betting and odds 

  • 15 languages 

  • Cashback

  • Odds boost

  • Live match tracker

  • Over 2000 markets Push data in real-time through SSE 

  • (Server-Sent Events) technology

  • Over 50 Sports and over 35.000 live events per month

  • - Over 90 markets for soccer 

  • - Over 15 markets for basketball

  • Automatic notification of new coins to activate with advertising 

  • Winning notification with advertising by mail or SMS 

  • Automatic event notification by SMS ( Goal, match win etc.) with links 

  • Tipster module with leaderboard

  • Widgets with live data for integration into the website 

  • Customer registration 

*click share" Affiliate links can be deposited in the platform. The distribution of these clicks takes place between Tiptos and the webmaster at 50% each. That means every 2nd click goes to a target from the affiliate link of the webmaster. 


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